Here are just a few examples of where and how AdvantageBot can be used in your business…


If you use article marketing in your business then use AdvantageBot to craft appealing article titles, attention grabbing openers and powerful resource boxes that will drive more clicks and traffic back to your site.


Use AdvantageBot to design banner ads with higher click through ratios, boost CTRs on AdWords ads, print ads, classifieds and many more. Using AdvantageBot to improve CTR ultimately means lower ad spend and increased results!


Use AdvantageBot to create compelling email subject lines that increase your open rates, body copy that holds your readers attention and calls to action guaranteed to explode your click rates.


Want more sales? Use AdvantageBot to generate attention grabbing headlines, stronger, more effective bullet points, guarantees that boost conversion, whole blocks of body copy that interest & hold your readers attention. All the way through to PS's and order button texts (in one of our tests we increased conversion by 15% by simply rewording the text on our buy buttons)


AdvantageBot is the perfect tool to take your social media marketing to the next level. Use it to create more shareable FaceBook posts and ads, tweets that get retweeted and responded to… All the way through to stronger descriptions on Pinterest images that encourage other pinners to share and repin.


AdvantageBot is the perfect tool when it comes to increasing the size of your list. Use it to perfect your copy and increase the conversion rate of your forms and subscription boxes.


From video titles and descriptions on YouTube through to video scripts for sales and promotional videos, AdvantageBot is the tool you need to get maximum results. You can also use craft stronger jingles, tag lines and slogans.


They say an picture paints a thousand words but that doesn't mean the titles of your books are any less important than the cover… Use AdvantageBot to create book titles to make your mark in the Kindle Marketplace or the NYTimes best seller list – Also great for short and powerful descriptions – chapter titles and more…


With AdvantageBot it doesn't matter if you sell high-end, bespoke artworks or commodity items on the supermarket shelves… Use text scoring to formulate winning product names and packaging descriptions that will put your product in front of your competition.


If you have a new product to bring to market, or an established product that commands more attention a syndicated press release is a surefire way to spread the news fast. With AdvantageBot you can craft the perfect press release that appeals to your market and gets results.


Whatever your product, ensuring users get the most from it is key to customer engagement and satisfaction. Use AdvantageBot to write help files, instructions, product manuals and user guides for your products to add a great post sales experience for your customers.


Want to create a solid, high conversion review, product recommendation or email campaign for the products you promote as an affiliate? The use AdvantageBot in your campaigns and see your commissions soar. If you're the vendor then prepare your ads and affiliate tools with AdvantageBot to help your affiliates acheive maximum results.

“Use AdvantageBot Everytime You Have Something To Write or Say!..”